Thursday, June 7, 2012

American Fork Pool

One of the most popular pools in Utah Valley is the American Fork Pool at the American Fork Rec Center. We really like the American Fork pool. They have a lap pool and a large leisure pool that starts shallow and gets deeper. There aren't a lot of fancy toys in this pool, but there is a  little slide, which happens to be very popular with the kids.There is always a crowd because this is a pretty great pool.

There is also a large slide, a lazy river, and a play area for the kids. My boys always like to play at this pool. It is about the same price as every other pool around ($4/adult, $3.50/child ages 4-17). One reason I like the American Fork pool is I feel like everyone is very friendly and nice here. They always answer my questions or help me find someone who can. 

The big slide and lazy river.
This year we are taking swimming lessons at the American Fork pool because we heard they do a great job (So far we have been pleased). Also, my children are afraid of the dumping cup at the Legacy Center pool, so they just freak out if we go there.  

The red slide and leisure pool. The lap pool is behind.

The play area.

Since we are taking swimming lessons, we decided to get a month pass so we could play as much as we want before I have a new baby. So this year we are going to be spending a lot of time at this pool. The pool is located at the American Fork Fitness Center at 454 N. Center Street. 

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  1. We were there today! LOVE this pool!! I just love that its so spread out. And NO bucket!